The “I Just Bought a Horse” Shopping List

The “I Just Bought a Horse” Shopping List


Halter + lead line
Stall name plate
Shots (part 1) + shots (part 2) 
Basics (rubber bands + salt lick + wormer)
Bridle + bit (loose ring snaffle) + reins
(Continued in Part II)

Why are horses so expensive? 🙁 🙂 🙁

9/15/2016: Ez had his first round of shots today and I plan to have part two done three weeks from now. He’s due for wormer, too, so I need to pick up some of that over the weekend (plus the salt lick and the rubber bands). Most importantly, though, I’m going saddle/bridle shopping! I’ll be taking wither tracings stallnameplatetomorrow, and then I plan on heading down to Olson’s Tack Shop in Bellevue to get some expert advice and take a look at their selection of used saddles on Saturday or Sunday.

9/18/2016: My trip down to Olson’s was disappointing. I sat in a bunch of saddles and ended up taking three of them back to the stable with me, only to find out that their tree size was incompatible with Ezhno’s comparatively skinny back. I did, however, spend a bit more than anticipated on a striking new ezinhiscutenewbridlebridle (an Ovation Ultra Raised Padded Fancy-Stitched Bridle)no regrets there, he looks super handsome in chocolate. The simple 5″ loose ring snaffle I got to go with it ended up pinching, though, so I plan to stop and buy a 5.5″ version tomorrow morning at the local Country Store (along with wormer, a salt lick, and some rubber bands for braiding). The saddles will be returned on Tuesday, and hopefully I’ll come back from Bellevue with a new (more budget friendly) set to try out on Ezhno.

9/25/2016: Since my last update I got my bare necessities (wormer/salt lick/rubber bands) from the Country Store and purchased a 5.5″ loose ring snaffle from the Bony Pony (the Country Store didn’t have the size I needed 🙁 ). I returned the set of medium-wide saddles I got from Olson’s and took home two narrower saddles to try (a Frank Baines and an Amerigo). Both were close, but neither of them fit the way I wanted them to, so I returned them, too. Saddle hunting is exhausting, so I’m going to continue riding in my favorite County dressage saddle and put my search on hold for now while my wallet recovers a little.

10/6/2016: Second round of shots are done! 🙂

10/10/2016: See updated shopping list here.


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