The New Horse Shopping List (Part II)

The New Horse Shopping List (Part II)

Blankets for winter (+ a container)
Open front boots (eventually)
Martingale + rein stops
Fleece cooler
Flash/figure 8 noseband
New boot trees
Hay bag + helmet cover

Clippers + pulling comb
Saddle + fittings (girth, leathers)
Transfer of APHA registration papers
Small trailer (ha ha ha, yeah right, maybe someday)

The original shopping post can be found here.

10/10/2016: Over the weekend the Bony Pony was having their anniversary sale, so I picked up a pair of open front boots for Ezhno’s upcoming foray into jumping, a sheet for him to wear so that his winter coat stops coming in, and a mid/heavy weight 300g fill blanket for when the weather turns colder. The 300 fill is a Professional’s Choice and it was on clearance for $45 brand new, plus it was a super cute pattern. I also found a surprising gem in the stacks of consignment saddlesthe same model of saddle as my trainer’s, albeit in a 17.5″ instead of a 16.5″. Unfortunately, the flap ended up being too long for me and the tree, despite being the same size as the trainer’s, seemed slightly off on Ezhno, so I returned it.


10/18/2016: Since I’ve started jumping Ezhno, the trainer recommended I put him in a running martingale (to add a little extra stability to my rein aids and to prevent him from accidentally smacking me in the face when he flails around like the uncoordinated green horse he is). I tried one out when we had our jumping lesson and the Trainer liked how he went in it, so I stopped by the Bony Pony to pick up a Chetak Running Martingale (plus some rubber rein stops).


11/18/2016: The Ebay saddle might be my most recent big ticket purchase, but like most equestrians my love of new equipment can’t be contained. A couple of weeks ago I went on a Riding Warehouse shopping spree. Ezhno netted himself a Centaur Turbo-Dry Cooler and a figure 8 noseband, and my Donatello got a pair of Ariat boot trees. I also snagged a few items from Amazon and the Bony Pony, including a pulling comb, a hay bag, and a helmet cover (so that I can show in my bright pink monstrosity)…


And now I can officially say:

I am on a money-spending HIATUS. 🙂

(yeah right, lol)

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