Happy Halloween 2016!

Happy Halloween 2016!


cutehalloweenselfieEzhno and I had a really busy day. We had our jumping lesson this morning (more about that in the weekly riding recap at the start of next weekand you can expect last week’s recap tomorrow), then Ez had his last training ride with Trainer-M (he’s taking November off from training and so is my wallet, lol), and then we had a halloween party with some of the other students in my lesson program. It was a small party, but still a lot of fun (plus there was homemade cake, which was awesome). We’re planning something bigger for next year!

Here are some of the costumes (I wore a cute Pikachu themed skirt, a Pikachu hat over my helmet, and a Viridian City Gym tank top, plus Ez had a yellow and black boa around his martingale):


halloweenslideshow2016Ezhno was not okay with a horse wearing a tutu. The Show Buddy (who’s rocking the gold cape) and I were the first two in the arena and Ez was doing fine with the costumes until the tutu came in. He almost held it together, then did another one of his spin and spooks (my thoughts: “Gee, that was so smooth, why can’t he do this nice pivot when I ask for it?”). He’s smooth even when he spooks, haha! I got a handle on it quickly. Once he was holding still I hopped off and we walked over to examine the pink monstrosity together. I convinced him that if Sara wasn’t freaking out about wearing a tutu, he wasn’t allowed to be freaked out about it, either. Then he gave her kisses to say sorry for running away from her. 🙂

We took a vote about costumes and then the winners took their victories laps. After that the part dissembled into riding time. We all grabbed pool noodles (which Ezhno and I had done some work with a couple of hours earlier to make sure he wasn’t going to freak out about them) and ended up cantering towards each other in mock jousts. That devolved in a free for all version of “tag” where we all chased one another and tried to hit each other with the noodles, all of which Ezhno was very good about (especially since I had to ride one handedhe’s so much more maneuverable now than he was when I got him seven weeks ago!).

I had been keeping Ezhno at the walk/trot, since he was pretty exhausted and I wasn’t sure how the one-handed steering would go, but once things started going we were cantering up and down the ring like everyone else. We all called it quits after Ez and I took off after the Show Buddy, who’s cute Arabian turned it into a race between the two of them and then promptly started bucking. Ez thought about some similar shenanigans for all of one second before I pulled him up in a rather snazzy canter to halt transition (he hit the brakes like a pro!).

It was a lot of fun and I was astounded by how sensible Ezhno was (especially since I’m 99.9% sure no one has played pool noodle tag on him before), plus how well he was moving off of my leg, since I didn’t have direct reining as an option. He’s such a good sport and a night of goofing off with friends makes me realize how much I love him already.



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