Weekly Riding Recap: October 31-November 6

Weekly Riding Recap: October 31-November 6

So last Monday was awesome. Big Horse and I moved back into the Show Buddy’s lesson (JLB is doing private lessons only now), and the Trainer set up a cool activity with one jump leading into three different options (left, right, and straight). We started out trotting over ground poles, then the Trainer put the first jump up as a tiny cross rail so that we could trot into it and canter out (something that went much better than the last time we tried it!) while she raised a couple of the other jumps up for the Show Buddy. Ezhno did so well that we moved on to cantering into the tiny jump—and the Trainer took video evidence!

Ezhno had his last ride with the Trainer later that afternoon (my wallet’s taking a break for now), and then I got him back out for our Halloween party. It was an exhausting day for the Big Horse!

cutenaughtyhorseI rode for about 40 minutes on Tuesday. We did a lot of posting trot and he was super responsive, so we gave the canter a shot… and he framed right up and stayed soft in the bridle! I was so excited I had to mentally remind myself that I couldn’t just stare down at his pretty head, I had to watch where we were going, lol. Then we took a walk break and I wrapped things up with some seated trot without my irons and a few trot to halt transitions.

Wednesday‘s lesson was more circles, but we worked on a hunter-esque length of rein (our new “default”). The goal was to turn a circle with his neck straight, his head down, and a slight bend at his throatlatch. He needs work on consistency of his pace, not over bending, and keeping his impulsion at the canter without rushing. I need work on keeping my chin up, my calf on, and my back straight (I tend to lean forward, darn it!). I lost an iron at some point during our canter work, so I accidentally participated in No Stirrups November, too. 🙂

Thursday was a follow up to Wednesday’s lesson. We did a lot of walk/trot plus some canter, all of which looked miles better than just a couple of weeks ago. He still needs a more consistent pace and his downward transitions need work, but I was so proud of him! I hosed him off since it was warm out, then I went to work and came back later for another short ride (bareback while the UW equestrian team practiced!) and to put his blanket back on.

Then on Friday this happened:


nicetrimmedearsI ran him until he was desperate to stop, then it only took one “whoa” for him to come right over and wait to be haltered. I popped his bridle on and took him to the arena for a lunge, then gave him another bath and put him back in his stall to dry while I kept slathering layer after layer of neatsfoot oil on my Ebay saddle. I planned on riding in it that day, but the saddle wasn’t as soft as I wanted it to be even after five hours of conditioning, so I called it a day and went home to have dinner instead.

Saturday morning I came in to try out the new saddle. It went okay, I’m still not super sold on it, but I plan to give it a few more rides before I decide whether or not to resell the thing. I also trimmed his face (see .gif to the left, please ignore accidental eyelash trim, lol), so he looks 100x more elegant now! I had to clip out a lot of hair from his ears, but he was very polite about the whole thing, if a bit impatient towards the end.

On Sunday there were two Girl Scouts of America events at our barn that I volunteered at. I was manning the grooming and saddling station and I decided it would be a good experience for Ezhno, so he got doted on by dozens of young girls throughout the day. He was a great sport about all of itat least until dinner time rolled around, at which point he was 100% done with being curried a million times and started getting antsy in the cross ties. He did very well for his first time, though!


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