Weekly Riding Recap: November 7-13

Weekly Riding Recap: November 7-13

ezhnoscutenoseLast week was ugggggggh… 🙁 🙁 🙁

We started off Monday‘s lesson with a good lunge and a lot of flatwork, including trot to canter transitions and a couple of simple lead changes. He was rushing at the canter at first, but then he settled in. I practiced my half seat and then I did two minutes of posting trot without my irons, during which the Trainer coached me to turn my toes out more so that my knee was off the saddle and my calf was anchored more solidly.ezgrazingnov7wrr

The jumping portion of the lesson was focused on bending lines. There were three cross rails set up down the middle of the arena with alternating bending lines between them. We started out trotting them, then trotting in and cantering through the line, and finally cantering in. We almost took out the Trainer the first time we cantered in when Ezhno ducked out of the second jump and I didn’t correct it quickly enough. Overall, he was sloppy through the first two jumps, but cleaned up by the last one.

On Tuesday I tried out the Ebay saddle again. It only took about ten minutes of struggle for me to switch out to the Trainer’s Crosby XL. I felt uncomfortable in the Competitor and Ezhno moved a lot better after we switched saddles, too, so needless to say I’ve decided to turn it into a resell project. I’m ashamed to admit it sort of ruined my mood, so I didn’t ride for very long.

Wednesday was a good day, though! The Trainer started things out with a fun game where we ran pool noodles from one barrel to another, then she set up a new exerciseTHE TRIANGLE. She used three ground poles to make a triangle in the middle of the arena, then made it my goal to trot/canter over the triangle at as many different angles as possible while keeping his pace steady and preventing him from using speed to balance himself. It was a great exercise that let us work on small circles, half halts, downward transitions, simple lead changes, etc. By the end of ezandtobythe lesson his canter was smooth and controlled and he was just so handy, it was awesome!

Of course, Thursday was a let down after such a great lesson. His trot work was solid (we did a lot of great work off the wall and over ground poles), but his canter was so disorganized and it didn’t take long for me to get frustrated. I didn’t want to take my disappointment out on him, so we went and rode outside around the track instead.

Friday was also ugh. Our rail work was terrible, his canter was still horrid, and I was still really down on myself. I called it quits and then took him outside to hand graze him so that I could remind myself why I love him.

Wish I could end the week’s wrap up on a better note, but I decided it would probably be best if we took the weekend off.

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