Show Prep Friday (Burkwood, Nov. 19th)

Show Prep Friday (Burkwood, Nov. 19th)

Alright, I’ll admit it: I’m a sucker. A couple of weeks ago, after a particularly good private lesson with the Trainer, I was untacking Ezhno in the cross tie area when the Show Buddy casually mentioned that she was going to Burkwood Farm‘s November hunter/jumper schooling show. And then she gave me the look.

And for some reason, despite the fact that I value my sleep and my sanity, I said yes?

All kidding aside, I’m excited to take Ezhno out for his first schooling show! I expect it to be a pretty hectic day for him, so I only signed up for one class (the cross poles level HUS flat class). It’s W/T/C and our canter’s still shaky (plus our canter transitions are terrible, lol), so I don’t expect to win any ribbons like last time. We’re going to spend most of our time cruising around the warm up ring, taking pictures, and cheering on the Show Buddy while Ez acclimates.

🙂 🙂 🙂 So that means today was Show Prep Friday! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Yesterday I spent a good thirty minutes thinning out Ezhno’s bushy mane (I’m pretty sure I yanked out about half of his hair) while he waited patiently in the cross ties. After a quick run to the Bony Pony for shampoo and a show cover for my obnoxious pink helmet, the first task on my list was to give his mane a trim. It was my first time ever cutting a horse’s mane… and I promptly cut off what was left of it on accident when I made my very first cut far, far too short.



When I finished cracking up at my own folly, he got some touch up work on the trim around his ears and nose and a furious scrubbing in the wash rack. Then I wrapped him up in his cute new Centaur cooler sheet and put him back in his stall so that he could eat his dinner while I slaved away polishing up all of our tack and loading our gear up into the horse trailer.

Blissfully unaware of our plans for tomorrow…

I went into the day with a check list a mile long and have managed to knock out all of my schooling show preparations. Electronics have been charged, horses have been beautified, bags have been packed, and the trailer has been prepped. We’re officially ready! Now I just have to try and get at least six hours of sleep before I have to head back out to the stable…

(P.S. The barn is a little creepy when it’s dark and windy out and nobody else is around.)


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