Blog Hop: Ezhno’s Family Tree

Blog Hop: Ezhno’s Family Tree

This post comes by way of one of my favorite horse-related blogs: the $900 Facebook Pony! Yesterday Amanda (rider of said pony) posted an unofficial blog hop (that originally started with Emma from ‘Fraidy Cat Eventing) about her horse’s pedigree. I’ve glanced at Ezhno’s pedigree before, but that was the inspiration I needed to do a bit of poking around on the internet to find out more about his (rather unspectacular) lineage.

ezpedigreedoneRight off the bat, it was clear that Ezhno’s champagne coloring comes from the sire side of his pedigree. He’s got a total of four champagne ancestors in the first four generations of his lineage, all of which are on his daddy’s side of the gene pool. His sire is California Champagne (AKA “Fred”), a 2002 sable champagne APHA/ICHR ranch horse stallion owned and bred by JMJ Stables in Eatonville, WA. Here’s links to a couple of videos plus cute pics:



California Champagne was sired by Good Gold Almighty (Ezhno’s grand-stud, lol), a 1996 classic champagne APHA/ICHR that went by the barn name “Peanut”. He was another ranch/cow horse (apparently I really do need to test Ezhno out on cattle at some point) that was also owned by JMJ Stables. Oddly enough, it appears he passed in 2005 at the young age of 9 (scary thought, when I remember that Ezhno is 7), presumably from either sickness or an accident (?). There’s not a lot of pictures of him out there, but here’s one of him as a two year old (top) and a couple of low quality pics of an older GGA:



California Champagne’s side of Ezhno’s pedigree were all bred pretty young, so there are pictures of CR Black Buttons (1994 black tobiano APHA stallion) out on the interwebs, too. I’ve never shown APHA before, so I’m not quite sure how to read his show record (what’s the difference between a point and a credit, and how many points is a lot of points?), but it looks like he’s done a little bit of halter and western pleasure. Here’s pics of him:


Ezhno’s dam is a harder story to uncover. A look at his APHA paperwork tells me that Yippi Ki Yay (1998 APHA mare) was owned by JMJ Stables when she was bred, but she doesn’t appear to have a show record and I couldn’t find any images of her online. On top of that, the dam side of Ezhno’s pedigree were mostly bred age 10 and above, so Yippi Ki Yay’s sire/dam were both before the internet age. I’ve sent an email out to Ezhno’s breeder in hopes of getting baby pictures and pictures of his dam, but until that egg hatches that side of his pedigree is a mystery.

There were a couple of names I’d at least heard of on his pedigree (Jetalito!), but most of the horses in his lineage have notes on their All Breed pages that include phrases like “Paternal Siblings are…” (AKA “I’m not as cool as my half-siblings” 🙁 ), and there’s only a couple with show records. Way back in Ezhno’s linneage (generation three) I found Buckaroo Bandit, an AQHA race horse with a record of 21-4-5-3 and $17,041 in earningsnot particularly impressive, but it’s cool that he has a race horse in his bloodlines somewhere!

Otherwise there wasn’t much of note (which is pretty much what I expected when I started this endeavor) but that doesn’t make the research any less fun. And of course I love the end result of his pedigree very much.


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    1. AAAH! You have no idea how exciting this was to read! I’ve tried searching him on Google, but I never even though about Facebook… he’s so fuzzy in that 2yo picture. Thank you so much for tracking that down, it’s exciting to have an older picture of him and some of the comments give me an idea of the path he’s taken to get to me, which I’m really curious about.

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