Show Prep Saturday (Eagle Mountain, Dec. 4th)

Show Prep Saturday (Eagle Mountain, Dec. 4th)

Yeah, that’s rightanother day of show prep!

A month or so back I made an offer to one of the younger riders at my stable (hereby called W) to be her buddy for her first horse show, so she and I (plus another awesome young rider, R) will be heading down to Eagle Mountain Ranch tomorrow for one of their locally famous winter schooling shows. This will be my third Eagle Mountain show (my first two happened before this blog, when I was still riding with my previous barn), and I came out with some awesome blue and red ribbons the last couple of times, so I’m hoping to start gathering some for Ezhno’s collection. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here’s a preview of the English half of the class list, with my entries highlighted:


Ezhno was a pro at our last show (at a bigger venue), so I don’t foresee any problems, and honestly two shows at Eagle Mountain were enough to make a show there feel like old hat. But I’m eager to see how the girls do in their walk/trot classes, I’m hoping the discipline rail class will be tricky, and the fun pairs class with W will be a good time!

R keeps her pony at home, so W and I made plans to meet up at our barn at noon and it wasn’t long before we had Ezhno and Boston (the horse she leases from our lesson program) tacked up and in the arena.

While W practiced her walk/trot work, I did a free flow walk/trot warm up and then checked in on Ezhno’s canter. He felt good (if a bit sassy), so I spent some time working on his walk to canter transitions (they were okay, but he botched his right lead many times). Then W and I worked on our pairs riding. We had to work on our upward transitions, but our circles were good! Afterwards W went to practice her showmanship with Boston while I schooled Ezhno’s canter for a little while longer.

After our ride, we started in on beautifying the boys. Like always, Ezhno tried to eat the clippers and I had to attempt to be stern with him while I giggled. Then we took them both back into the wash rack and scrubbed them clean, and while the horses spent some time drying with their coolers on W and I cleaned and conditioned all of our tack (which is good, because my new figure 8 noseband really needed the conditioner) and our boots (the Donatello are still kicking!). We didn’t have a trailer to load (that’s set to arrive tomorrow morning with R), so we piled our stuff together somewhere we wouldn’t forget anything (AKA my tack locker) and then threw in a couple of full hay bags, too.

One of the things in my pile of stuff was strangely sentimental. Up until now I’ve been using the Show Buddy’s water buckets for shows. I planned on getting one from the Bony Pony… but then I realized that the bucket from my first horse was still in the garage, so I pulled it out from under a pile of storage-related debris and cleaned it up so that it was ready for prep day. I feel weird being nostalgic about a bucket, lol.

My first horse, another flashy pinto that I named Hrayne (silent H).

The last thing I did before I left the stable was spend some time putting up Christmas decorations around Ezhno’s stall. They turned out really cute and Ez only tried to eat the decorations through the bars a couple of times while I was putting them up.

Now the camera is charged (my mother/videographer will be going with us!), lunch is packed, and my show clothes are folded and waiting for me. All that’s left is to get some sleep (or, you know, stay up late watching Game of Thrones)…

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