Another Pair of New Boots

Another Pair of New Boots

Yesterday afternoon I was leading Big Horse out to the back forty for some coveted winter sunshine time (where he promptly soaked his turn out sheet, of course) when I had a sudden realization: just like a good queen needs a knight at her side, my lovely Donatello were in need of a partner to take off some of the heat (or, in this case, some of the water/mud). And so, one late night trip to Fred Meyers later, here’s the latest addition to my boot collection:

These bad boys are obnoxiously colored and lined with a soft faux fur material that makes them warm, comfortable, and cute as hellbut more importantly they’re waterproof and they only cost me $30 (approximately 10% of the cost of a brand new pair of Donatello), so with any luck they’ll extend the lifespan of my tall boots by a considerable amount.

I wore them today while I was tacking up. Here’s Ezhno’s thoughts:

yes, mom, they’re boots
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