Weekly Riding Recap: December 12-18

Weekly Riding Recap: December 12-18

This week sucked and I’m still sick. D:<

I felt okay during my Monday lesson. We spent the hour in a big circle, encouraging Ezhno to stretch into the contact instead of sucking back into a false frame when I put my leg on. Big Horse is terrible at stretching, plus we had to have discussions on moving away from calf pressure so that he would stop collapsing his shoulder into the circle. This was a hard, monotonous lesson, but I learned a lot about inside leg to outside rein. The Trainer used the exercise to teach me that steering should be a push, not a pull, and that the inside rein should only control the bend of the neck, not the direction of travel. We had one beautiful canter circle where I suddenly felt like I could ride without my inside rein entirely, and that helped make everything click for me.

By the time I made it to work after my lesson, the plague had started to hit me. I ended up spending all of Tuesday sleeping.

Wednesday I made it out in the morning to lunge Big Horse (so dizzy, ugh). I rallied a little bit during work and then went back to the stable after my shift was over and got some riding in. PSA: LEGGINGS BREECHES, them bastards be slippery. We had a pretty good ride, thoughwalk/trot/canter and everything, albeit with a lot of anticipatory green horse nonsense.

Thursday sucked. Big Horse felt mentally frazzled. Poor attitude, not relaxed at all, not listeningjust altogether bad. I got off and lunged him, but it didn’t really fix anything, so we jumped a small 18″ vertical a couple of times and then called it quits.

Friday was better, still not great. I rode with the bareback pad and stuck to walk/trot. He was still the world’s worst at stretching his neck out, but he improved slightly when I started asking for more and more forward. We went over some ground poles and checked in with the work we did on Monday to get him moving off of my calf (button still installed, thank god).

I took Saturday off to get my hair did, then ended up lazing about on Sunday, too.


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