Some Bodywork for Big Horse

Some Bodywork for Big Horse

Stuck walking forever in an attempt to keep his hind end stretched out… god, I’m so bored of walking in circles 🙁

So Big Horse is broken. We had our awesome lesson on Monday and now he’s pretty much nonfunctional at anything above a walkbut more about that in the WRR!

Jennifer from Equine-N-Harmony Bodyworks was already scheduled to come to the SEC on Friday, so I put Ez down for massage/chiropractic work. I’ve used her before when I was leasing Belle and she’s very kind and knowledgeable!

The Trainer and I think that it’s his butt region that’s broken (there’s no heat or swelling in his legs). I expected his hind end to show a bunch of problem areas for Jennifer to work on, but in actuality he only had some minor troubles in his neck/girth/hip. He did get a nice butt massage, but he was super obnoxious throughout the whole process. He knew I had treats, and combine the possibility of food with him having a few days off and he was one hell of a bully. Jennifer showed me some exercises meant to help his sore areas and I nearly lost a finger to the beast during carrot stretches. D:<

Jennifer also pointed out some odd bruising on his hoof walls (???) and recommended that I have his teeth checked out. The best part, though? Jennifer noticed some areas where dirt on his saddle pad is rubbing the hair short, and she recommended I get a set of baby pads to put under his saddle pad so that I can clean them more regularly. I HAVE LITERALLY BEEN GIVEN AN ORDER TO BUY MORE SADDLE PADS.

To wrap this up, here’s a copy of his bodywork sheet:

I told Big Horse the paper was his quarterly performance review, LOL

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