Update on the Broken Horse

Update on the Broken Horse

Well, it’s official: Big Horse is still brokenand now so am I.

At least we’re a cute broken pair. 🙁

My appointment with the Vet was Friday morning. On Thursday night my phone committed ritual suicide while I was working, so I spent all of Thursday night tossing and turning and sleeping an hour at a time because I was worried I would sleep through the Vet’s visit. I ended up tweaking my neck in my sleep, so I woke up with some serious pain in my neck, but no time to deal with it.

After a stop at the AT&T store (no luck, I can’t get my phone replaced until my mother’s back from her cruise), I made it up to the SEC twenty minutes early. I spent my time watching the University of Washington equestrian team have a morning hunt seat lesson until I saw the Vet’s truck pull in.

A quick trot up and down the arena and the Vet had the lameness narrowed down to Ezhno’s right hind. There’s no sign of heat in or around the hoof (or anywhere on his leg, really), but the Vet used hoof testers to make sure that the pain wasn’t stemming from his hoof (though both of us were confident the hoof wasn’t the problemgood guess, Trainer A, but no dice). Long term problems (arthritis, degenerative joint, etc.) were ruled out because of the acute onset of the lameness (goodbye, my greatest fear). That narrowed it down to a soft tissue injury… which really, really sucks.

Big Horse has currently been assigned another ten days of stall rest (with a daily dosage of bute to go along with it). If there’s no improvements after that ten day period, the Vet intends to use nerve blocking to find the source of the lameness in the leg. Meanwhile, I spent four and a half hours in the ER last night because my neck pain progressed to the point where I couldn’t move my head without being in agony and my neck muscles were so swollen that even swallowing was ridiculously painful.

So, you know, I could say that things could be worse, but I really don’t want to tempt fate.


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