Weekly Riding Recap: January 16-22

Weekly Riding Recap: January 16-22

I can’t remember the last time I had more than two days off from riding, but with Big Horse out of commission I actually didn’t end up riding for like four days over the weekend (!). I ended up cancelling my lesson on Monday and just having a short schooling ride on the Pony insteadnothing strenuous, just w/t/c with a couple of simple lead changes and some canter to halt/halt to canter transitions.

Tuesday and Thursday I had to work early so I didn’t ride at all, but on Wednesday I had my lesson with the Show Buddy. We had planned on doing some coursework, but instead we ended up working on the Circle of Death exercise. I got pretty down on myself at first (I really, really miss riding my own horse), but things got better! We were jumping at the same height BH and I have been schooling over (hole 4, around 18″~2′).

Here’s video, sorry we completely forgot how to do anything right once the Trainer started recording, LOL:

Meanwhile Ezhno quietly mourns the loss of his place as my main riding pony while nibbling on his box of bute.

Trainer M seemed happy with how relaxed I was staying even when I got off balance (and it’s so easy to get off balance when your center of gravity is tiny pony sized). Also, she loves it when students ride different horses because it shows her what weaknesses our horses are covering up for us. She said Ezhno’s not covering up too much of my shenanigans, so that’s good!

Friday was the day the vet came out. I was already suffering from neck pain in the morning, so I probably shouldn’t have been riding, but when your vet tells you that your horse is going to need at least another 10 days of stall rest and then your trainer offers to let you ride one of the lesson horses instead… well, I couldn’t turn it down, even if it did contribute to my Friday night trip to the ER. Belle and I spent a good hour working on her western (ew, split reins 🙁 ) in preparation for a multi-discipline show she has coming up the first weekend of February (more on that at a later date…).

Saturday and Sunday were lame, I was pretty much bedridden (except for a couple of brief trips to the barn to give Ezhno his bute and tell him what a horrible horse he is in hopes of motivating him to heal faster).

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