Stall Rest is Hard

Stall Rest is Hard

It’s been a stressful couple of weeks, what with my health problems and Ezhno’s lameness. My interactions with Ezhno have been boiled down to a two minute ordeal where I force bute down his throat and then throw a half of a carrot in his feed bin.

All this time spent on stall rest is making it really easy to fall out of love with my horse. πŸ™

So when W (from the Eagle Mountain Schooling Show) told me her family bought a new horse over the weekend (an 11 year old, 16hh OTTB with the power to jump 4’0″), I had to work to remind myself to be excited for them. To me, that OTTB represented everything I’d originally wanted when I began my search for a horse back in August, and I felt bitter about the clumsy, post-legged, broken APHA I’d ended up with.

In case you missed it, here’s the world’s best GIF of clumsy Big Horse pre-purchase

But then I met their new OTTB and something inside me warmed. He was nervous, a little underweight, under-muscled from time off, and covered in mud from a few vigorous rolls in the round pen…

Akickatthekat AKA “Captain Jack”

I took one look at him and instead of being filled with envy, I was reminded of Ezhno’s first day at the SEC.

So while W and her siblings gushed over the newest addition to their family, I found myself sitting in Ezhno’s stall, looking back over old blog posts and taking photos of his handsome face while he sniffed at my camera lens. I remembered that jumping and horse shows have always been fun, but when it came down to it there’s a reason I bought a versatile APHA/chill master trail horse instead of a Thoroughbred with untapped potential.

From a 2015 trail ride at the Pilchuck Tree Farmβ€”I miss riding outdoors!

Seeing another horse at the start of that journey reignited the pride I felt about how far Ezhno’s come. I’m honestly excited to see W’s family undergo the same journeyβ€”and I’m looking forward to the next leg in my adventure with Ezhno. πŸ™‚

Anyways, here’s a bunch of silly photos I took of Ezhno’s lame face to wrap this post up:

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