Update #2 on the Broken Horse

Update #2 on the Broken Horse

Monday morning was filled with dread. My lesson went well, but I was riding with a weight on my shoulders. After 10 days of stall rest and bute, Monday was the day I was finally supposed to check on the lameness that’s been lingering in Ezhno’s right hind. At the end of my lesson the Trainer finally forced me to face the inevitable:

GIF of his original lameness; he looks the same now, no improvement.

I’ve gone through a gauntlet of emotions. I’ve cried a lot. I spent Monday mourning, Tuesday making plans to sell him, and Wednesday staring at my budget, determined to find a way to afford two horses.

Through all of this emotional strife, Ezhno’s been stalwartly cheerfulalmost too cheerful. After his light jaunt in the arena to check soundness, he quickly proceeded to drag his nose around in the dirt, roll around spastically, leap to his feet, rear up, buck, kick out twice, and generally have a jolly good time while I yanked on his lead to get him to stop goofing off before he hurt himself even more than he already has. His face was covered in dirt. It was adorable.

Long term, I don’t know what I’m going to do. But I do know that he’s my Big Horse, and I’m not making any decisions until he’s at least sound again, so we’ve got another vet appointment to find out more about his injury on Tuesday. More updates to comeand hopefully I’ll have some good news to put in them!

He’s going to be locked in his stall forever.
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