Lexi the Giant Project Horse

Lexi the Giant Project Horse

Meet Lexi! Lexi is a young (five or six year old?) APHA mare. She originally came to the SEC for training with the Ready to Ride program, but she was pulled out of training a month or two ago due to her owner having unforeseen financial problems. She’s also the daughter of former APHA broodmare Dot Your Eye (AKA “Ivy”), one of the Ready to Ride lesson horses!

“Giant Horse” | “Sexy Lexi” | “Lexisaurus Rex”

Lexi is big. The Trainer guesses she measures in around 16.2 hands high and she’s built like a tank. She’s also relatively green, but very straightforward and nonplussed by things that would have most inexperienced horses heading for the hills. She’s got sass in her, but she’s the type of mare that, despite only knowing the basics, reacts calmly and efficiently when, say, your bridle suddenly breaks in the middle of your fourth ride on her (seriously, that happened).

Now that it’s been confirmed that Ezhno’s out of commission for the next few months, Trainer A offered Lexi up as my new day to day mount. She needs hours put on her, I need something to ride… it was a match made in heaven (minus the size differenceor maybe because of it? 😛 ). I took a lesson on her with Trainer M on Wednesday to study up on where she is with her training, and now she’s my go to steed on days where I don’t have lessons with the Trainer scheduled.

I’d say that Lexi is more green than Ezhno was when I got him. We’re working on walk/trot basics right now during our rides. In particular we’re focusing on steering and the idea of yielding when I put my leg on her. She’s got a bad case of the green horse wobbles and she tends to test the rider’s leg, which can cause her steering to go out entirely if it’s not addressed quickly enough. If my legs are the walls of a hallway, she’s a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth between them, LOL.

I want to get Lexi’s walk/trot down pat before we go back into a lesson with the Trainer to tackle her canter, so I suspect we’ll spend the next couple of weeks really hammering home the basicscircles, figure 8’s, serpentine patterns, and lots and lots of transitions. Totally my jam. 😀

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    1. She’s definitely good looking. She makes me look like a postage stamp when I’m on her, she’s so wide. I’ll have to post a picture of me on her later for scale. 🙂

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