Weekly Riding Recap: February 6-12

Weekly Riding Recap: February 6-12

Last week kicked off with a snow day on Mondaymuch needed after spending the weekend away at the IHSA show!

Tuesday I took a ride on a friend from the barn’s Arabian mare, Beauty. She was very fun! Unlike most Arabians I’ve been on she likes to carry her head low, though she takes some convincing to really lift her belly and use her back. We spent a little time at the canter, but as always the trot was my favorite gait. She has a lovely trot and we spent a lot of time playing with laterals (renvers/travers, shoulder in, leg yield, etc.). She was so darn adjustable, it was awesome!

Wednesday I had my first lesson with Lexi the Giant. Lexi’s only been ridden western before, so as of now I’m tacking her up in a saddle affectionately known as the ’92 (AKA the saddle meant for short legs) with a simple loose ring snaffle.

Thursday and Friday I rode Lexi (and spent some time shedding her out a little bit and detangling/braiding her mane and tail). You can tell she’s young and been out of work because she gives me twenty minutes of great walk/trot work, gets distracted for ten minutes, and then gives me another twenty minutes of good work. She can be a little testy at times, but for the most part she’s got a good work ethic and I really like her way of going!

I played Dungeons & Dragons on Saturday (we’re getting closer to the end of our campaign!).

On Sunday I did more walk/trot work with Lexi. The Show Buddy and I were riding together, so I was turned slightly in my saddle while I talked to her. We were mid conversation when she suddenly got very serious/panicked. She shouted for me to halt immediately, so I sat back, gave Lexi a good “whoa”, and got a very nice halt out of her. Apparently one of my Chicago screws popped loose while I was riding, so the moment we halted Lexi spit the whole bit out so that it was dangling halfway off of her bridle! She was great about the whole ordeal, though, and she earned herself a lot of praise for being such a good horse.

The Show Buddy and I also took Ezhno out for some hand grazing, too. 🙂

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