Weekly Riding Recap: February 13-19

Weekly Riding Recap: February 13-19

So Monday was a massive victory for me: I jumped Boston! We did a tiny, three vertical course, all set on hole 4/5 (so ~2’3″). I was nervous at first, but things got easier when the Trainer convinced me to stop trotting in like a wimp and take the jumps from the canter so that Boston could do his job. I got knocked off balance a couple of times, but I recovered well and my arms stayed soft so that I didn’t catch Boston in the mouth. As always, it all boiled down to more leg!

Tuesday I took Lexi out. She was super focused and relaxed at the walk, then I pushed for the trot and things got sloppy again, LOL. She did well with her steering, we just need to work on consistency of pace and I need to remember that the response to too fast is (again) more leg, not less. I also want to work on doing more on a loose rein with her, like a proper western pony. 🙂

Wednesday was my lesson with the Show Buddy. We stuck to the flat and I started putting some prep work on Boston for eventual flying lead changes, which means a lot of lateral work. We worked on his sidepass at the trot (and a tiny bit at the canter), his haunches in at the walk (he HATES it, we can do about five minutes and then he needs a mental break), and his simple lead changes. Whenever he got nervous/stressed out we switched things up and did some slow jogging on a loose rein, which chills him out. He did good, for how much he hates having to do any form of lateral work.

Thursday… well, I ended up taking a break. I spent some time with Ezhno (yep, he’s still a jerk) and then ended up cooling out Curly (a really awesome reining horse whose owner is away at college) for Trainer A when he came back from his training session soaked in sweat and breathing hard from 1,000,000 flying changes. But I didn’t do any real riding.

In fact, I didn’t ride on Friday, either. Or Saturday… or Sunday. Honestly I was feeling pretty burnt out, so I just spent most of my week hanging out in Big Horse’s stall, going back and forth between “charmed by his neediness” and “irritated by his poor attitude”, with a side helping of “jealous of anyone and everyone with a working horse”. 🙁

Needless to say, I’m pretty much counting down the days, waiting for my horse to return to a rideable state.

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