The New Horse Shopping List (Part III)

The New Horse Shopping List (Part III)

My last 4H tack sale purchase. 🙂

Every year, right as January rolls in, all of the equestrians at the SEC take a good, long look at their tack lockers. We start poking around in the dark recesses where the dust and the spiders accumulate, flipping over buckets and dumping out grooming totes… We find all of the old halters, mismatched saddle pads, and mysteriously purposeless straps of leather that we’ve hoarded over the past twelve months and we throw them in a stack with a giddy grin, our eyes already green with $$$ signs.

I’ve done two New Horse Shopping List posts already (links to part one and part two, respectively), but both of them pale in comparison to the list I’ve racked up over the past couple of weeks in preparation for the annual Snohomish County 4H Tack Sale (colloquially known as “the Big One”) that takes place in early March.

Without further ado, here’s what I’ll be looking for on Saturday:

Yeah, you saw that right—my high priority list is filled with western gear (gasp!). Since Ezhno’s injury has encouraged me to reprioritize my goals for him, and there’s a good chance that once he’s rehabbed I’ll go down a performance route rather than continuing to try to install some hops on my untalented doof, we’ll be diversifying our portfolio. Plus a western saddle will come in handy for the trail rides I’m hoping to go on while Ezhno and I are taking it easy this summer!

Apparently there’s more of this awkward western pony to come.

There are other items on the shopping list, too. My family plans on purchasing a small truck in April, which means I’ve got my eye out for a trailer (most likely a two horse straight load) so that I can knock that off of my 2017 goals. I also want to beef up Ezhno’s papers by registering him with the PtHA (they have a lot of shows local to me!) and the ICHR (cheap and there’s a nice ring to the words “triple registered” 😉 ). And, on a more whimsical note, I really want a badass, brightly colored trail bridle.

Now I just have to pick a color combo… Big Horse, why you gotta look so good in all the colors?

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