New Saddle! 16″ Winner’s Circle w/FQHB (so shiny O_O)

New Saddle! 16″ Winner’s Circle w/FQHB (so shiny O_O)

Tuesday evening I was busy tutoring when the Show Buddy sent me this pretty picture:

She originally found this saddle on Facebook and was hoping it would fit her Arabian gelding. Unfortunately, this hulk of a saddle was too big for Teak, so she did me a serious solid and pulled my doof out of his stall so that she could check out how it fit him while I was at work. The verdict? She liked the way it looked and thought it was a serious contender, so she sent me the seller’s contact info so that I could set up a time to meet up with her and check it out in person.

The saddle itself is a 16″ Winner’s Circle brand show saddle with FQHB. It’s decked out with fancy tooling and Montana silver, plus it’s almost brand newthe owner only used it for shows, which means it has exactly five rides on it. This thing is pristine.

The tutoring center I work at was closed on Wednesday afternoon to commemorate the anniversary of a local natural disaster, so the seller came out to the equestrian center and I tacked Ezhno up in the saddle. We walked across the parking lot to the arena, where Trainer A took a look at the fit while Ezhno tried his best not to EXPLODE. (Side note: he’s doing better at behaving, but he’s still a spazz.) Trainer A approved, so I took Lexi for a spin in it and…

$750 later, I have a fancy show saddle and a matching headstall!  ♥

Without a pad the saddle’s a little bit big on Ezhno, but with a pad it’s got good wither clearance and no pressure around his shoulders. It’s a saddle that fits well now and will still fit him when he’s back in work and putting on muscle. I wasn’t looking for something with bling, but it was in my budget and the stirrups go up high enough to fit my stubby legs, so I call that a victory!

He’s so bad at taking pictures.  -__-

I guess this means I need to start thinking about show options for when Ezhno’s back in action…

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