Weekly Riding Recap: March 20-26

Weekly Riding Recap: March 20-26

After a week of vacation, it was probably a bad decision to start my Monday off with a western pleasure lesson on the Pony.

The Pony came out feeling pretty chillno shenanigans on the lunge line, which is almost unheard of for her. Luckily I had my new spurs on (and my new Ariat boots!), because I had to make use of them throughout the lesson to get her to lift with her belly. We spent the whole hour working on transitions (especially transition into and out of the canter) and simple lead changes, so by the end my thighs and glutes were dying from the effort it takes to convince a lazy pony not to be lazy.

So much attitude in one tiny pony.  ♥

As for the new Ariat Ladies Circuit Champion boots… well, they felt a lot like my Donatello did before they were broken in, which is a good sign since my tall boots are now incredibly comfortable. I put in a pair of memory foam inserts (the same inserts I have in my Donatello) and now I’m suffering while I wait for the ankles to loosen up.

Tuesday I lunged the crazy out of Lexi (after I fixed her braids) and then took her for a short spin to see how a week off had affected her. She was a little sticky/behind my leg, but for the most part I was impressed with how much she’d retained! We had a good walk/trot ride with only a couple of head tosses/moments of sass when I used my spurs (not bad, since I hadn’t ridden her in western spurs before). We need more ToH/ToF/rein back practice, thoughbut what’s new there?

Of course, I got on her on Wednesday and she was ridiculous. I made the mistake of 1.) not lunging her before I got on (which I can get away with, but probably not after an extended period of not riding LOL), and 2.) using a bareback pad instead of tacking up properly. She threw a bit of a fit at the far end of the arena, so I got her back under control, lunged her out, and then had an awesome walk/trot ride on her.

I also had a sort-of-private lesson on Belle (Trainer M rode a training horse while I had my lesson, since the Show Buddy couldn’t make it and I only pay for group lessons on Wednesdays). She had the Pony and I ride through a terribly hard warm up lesson that involved weaving through a set of cones that were very tightly spaced together (ugh, shoulder control 🙁 ), then we went back to working on transitions, simple lead changes, and slowing down the Pony’s lope.

I didn’t have to work that night, so I spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with the Show Buddy, meeting up with a woman who was selling a saddle, and watching Trainer M work with this adorable creature:

Dreamhayven Decadance (AKA DiDi), a 13.2hh 2010 Fell Pony broodmare from the Mooonlit Fell Pony Farm that the trainers are restarting under saddle.

Thursday morning I spent my ride time shopping at the Bony Pony instead. I picked up a new off billet/latigo/cinch for the show saddle I bought Wednesday afternoon, then took Ezhno out to the front cross ties (where the good lighting is) so that he could spazz out while I tried to take cute pictures of him. Here’s a few of the doofy ones:

I spent the vast majority of my time at the barn on Friday reorganizing my tack locker. I added some nails into the wall so that I have space to hang my growing collection of bridles, moved my 101 Jumping Exercises/101 Dressage Exercises books, and hung a cheap (but ridiculously useful) shoe organizer on the back of the door.

As for Ezhno, he’s been getting out of his stall more often lately! We hit the 3 Months of Stall Rest mark next Friday (the 7th), at which point I’m confident that I should be able to start riding him again (!). Until then, I’ve been taking him for walks around the barn aisle for ~20 minutes a day. He’s still pushy (even with the showmanship chain on), but as long as we stay in the barn he refrains from pulling his standard rear-leap-kick trick. I think he likes to see all of the other horseswhat a social butterfly! 🙂

Saturday and Sunday were chill days, no barn time.

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