Digging Up Old Photos

Digging Up Old Photos

Back in December I wrote a post about Ezhno’s family tree. Recently, while house sitting for a friend, I ventured back into the bowels of the internet and dug up more gems from Ezhno’s past, including this video of an incredibly sassy two year old:

To sum his history up, Ezhno was bred by JMJ Stables, a small ranch horse operation in Eatonville, WA, and then lost to the aether of the universe (AKA I have no clue what happened to him) until he reappeared at an auction in Enumclaw as a two year old and was snatched from the jaws of potential slaughter by a kind family that called him “Max”. From there he was bought by another family as an add-on purchase when they came to pick up a different horse. They renamed him “Rocky”.

A pic of fluffy two year old “Rocky” found by a commenter on my original pedigree post

“Rocky” was sent to a trainer to be started under saddle, but his timid owner ended up trading him to the trainer in return for the trainer’s services. The trainer sold him on to another owner in Vancouver, WA, that owned pinto/APHA horses that were used for trail riding. Here’s the sales picture she posted when she was ready to sell him to his next family as a four year old:

From there I know nothing outside of what his APHA papers tell me, which is that he was sold in August 2013 and then ended up with the family I bought him from only eight months later. They kept him for almost a year and half before I came along and scooped him up off of Dream Horse. Here’s a look at the sales photos that originally piqued my interest:

And here’s a couple of GIFs pulled from the videos his owners sent me when I was first emailing them about the possibility of coming out to try him (these were some of his very first rides after spending a few months out at pasture):

Annnnnd one last GIF, just to show off his awesome WHOA and that super long mane that I ended up butchering:

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