Weekly Riding Recap: March 27-April 2

Weekly Riding Recap: March 27-April 2

This week was sort of boring, SORRY. #whataloser

Sharing a look of commiseration about how they have to hang out with me all the time.

Monday I had my lesson on Lexi. I rode in my new Winner’s Circle saddle and it was super comfy! At first it rubbed my thighs where the seam of the seat meets the seat jockey (yep, had to look that term up), but Trainer A made one small adjustment to how I was sitting and suddenly boom, the rubbing problem was fixed. That’s why us students pay them the big bucks. 😛

Lexi and I warmed up at the walk/trot with a focus on really pushing her hind end underneath her without going faster. The highlight of our lesson, though, was that we loped! Something like three laps in each direction! We had one majorly green moment where I put more leg on (and a bit of spur when she ignored that) and she slammed on the breaks instead of going forward, but I duked it out with her and then we went right back to it and it was fantastic. Her left lead was sticky, but she was much easier to keep forward than the first time I loped her (a couple of weeks ago) and she got reorganized very quickly when she got off balance and broke down to the trot.

I feel confident about adding in some lope during our rides now! On a bad note I also tore my favorite pair of breeches and then had it out with Ezhno… but more about that in another post.

Tuesday I don’t think I rode… I know I was definitely there because I bought a noseband for Ezhno’s western bridle from a couple of riders I met during summer horse camp 2016 (link and link). Don’t quote me on Tuesday, LOL.

Wednesday my lesson program spent the day teaching vet tech students how to handle horses (should they need to assist a vet with one at some point in their careers), so I taught college students how to groom, blanket, fly spray, etc. while Ezhno provided them with a real life example of annoying-wiggly-horse-that’s-been-on-stall-rest.

He’s got so many wiggles and so much tongue.

Thursday I just loved on Ezhno, Friday I had the awesome jumping clinic plus I saddled Ezhno up and took him out for some handwalking in the arena (again, MORE ON THAT LATER), Saturday I chilled at home, and Sunday I went out to the stable to help with a Girl Scout event run by my lesson program and give Ezhno a light grooming. 🙂

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