Weekly Riding Recap: April 10-16

Weekly Riding Recap: April 10-16

I rode exactly once this week, on Wednesday (I’m so lame ;;). Trainer M got back from the Equine Affaire in Ohio on Tuesday, so she was full of ideas for our group lesson. We ended up having an equitation lesson (I rode the Pony western, GASP) that involved a lot of standing in our stirrups, posting without reins, stretching our arms out to touch our horse’s poll/tail/our toes, swinging our legs/arms around to unlock our joints, etc. I felt super soft at the end of the lesson (but very sore the next day).

I also found time to lunge Lexi and clean my Donatello tall boots, plus since the weather’s taken a turn for the warm I did a spa day for Ezhno and Belle (bath w/soap, washed mane/tail, clipped nose/bridle path/underside of face, trimmed mane, wrapped tail, etc.). By the time I was done they looked like completely different horses (instead of disheveled ragamuffins).

The highlight of the week, though, was Ezhno’s progress! Trainer A got him out on Monday and, after a very obnoxious spook in the parking lot, she put him on the lunge line and… he was pretty much a normal horse. She let him trot around for a few minutes in each direction (plus threw in a few canter transitions to keep his mind engaged) and he looked a little stiff, but ultimately sound and well behavednot to mention very happy to get to stretch his legs out!

I was very worried that Tuesday we’d get him out and he’d be broken, but he looked fine and he was so polite (I forgot how good he is at lunging 🙂 ) that on Wednesday after my lesson I started lunging him by myself. He did well on Thursday, too, and then was a little bit frisky on Friday (yay, he feels good!).

On a sad note, the Show Buddy and Teak the Arabian moved to a swanky new stable on Friday. Sad to see her go but they place they moved to is very, very nice (a little jelly, LOL).

We took Saturday off (but probably shouldn’t have 😛 ). I came out on Easter Sunday and Ezhno was spicy. I started to lunge him and he was dragging his nose in the dirt, so I let him have a roll and then had to yank on his face when he tried to frolic after he got up. I let him trot around for a while and checked in with his cantereverything still looks good! We worked on changing direction on the lunge line (he can get real dumb sometimes) and then, when he was feeling more sedate, I took him outside and let him graze for a couple of minutes (OM NOM NOM).

Overall I’m really happy with how he did this week! 😀 😀 😀

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