Weekly Riding Recap: April 17-23

Weekly Riding Recap: April 17-23

I have no idea how people manage to go years without falling off of a horse.

Seriously, thoughit would be nice if I could keep my butt firmly planted in the saddle for, like, you know, at least a couple of weeks straight. This can’t be healthy for… well, any part of me. Plus I’m sick of having dirt in my underwear.

My Monday lesson was dedicated to more gridwork on Boston (flashback to the jumping clinic that happened a few weeks ago!). Trainer M set up a bounce, then a three one strides in a row. Trainer M wanted me to ride into the grid in my half seat, then stay standing while I let Boston jump up to me. I was supposed to stay still in the saddle (with a focus on staying straight and not pitching forward) and do nothing while B-dawg sorted out the distances to the fences on his own.

I was doing well (despite having a case of the cowards), so Trainer M put the fences up to 2’0″ (truth time: 2’3″ still scares the hell out of me, but 2’0″ is usually okay). We went through the grid a couple of times and I was doing really welluntil Boston got fed up with my lack of input. We came out of the grid just fine, then a couple of strides after the last fence he suddenly slammed on the breaks and pitched left, launching me right over his shoulder and into the dirt. Then he looked down at me and casually walked offwhat a loser!

Apparently he pulled the exact same move on another (younger) student later that day. So rude. 😛

We dropped the whole thing back down to ground poles for my sanity, then I went back through it a couple of times before I had Trainer M put just a couple of the fences back up. We didn’t end up putting all the fences back up, but we at least finished up on a good note; I might take a break from jumping for a while, but I don’t feel like my confidence took a major hit.

For Wednesday‘s lesson I got out Lexisaurus Rex. I’ve been so busy focusing on Ezhno that she hasn’t been ridden in a few weeks, though I’ve got her out every once in a while for a quick lunge to keep her from going stall crazy.

I tacked Lexi up in my western show saddle, then spent a good fifteen minutes letting her gallivant around on the lunge line before I hopped aboard. I let Trainer M know that I wanted to work on my walk/trot western equitation (there’s a reason, more about that in another post…). I rode western as a kid/teenager, but I’ve never shown western before so all of the equitation stuff is semi-foreign to me (I’m supposed to do what with my hands?).

Lexi did very well, minimal fussing despite how long it had been since she’d been ridden. Unfortunately, we got about forty-five minutes in and she pulled up lame. At some point she took a chunk out of a hoof (probably tripping over a ground rail, her feet weren’t great to begin with), so she needs an appointment with the farrier to fix her hooves up. 🙁 🙁 🙁

Outside of my two lessons, I spent the rest of the week focusing on Ezhno (at some point maybe I’ll get back to riding 5+ times a week O___O). I lunged him once a day, with the goal being to have him ready to be back under saddle by the end of the week.

Here’s some video, he’s the worst because he knows when you’re only using one hand and he just slows down/stops/ignores you.

We took our registration photos on Thursday, then by Friday Trainer A and Trainer M had time in their schedule to put a ride on Ezhno. Trainer A spent a good amount of time lunging him in a very forward trot with a little bit of cantering, then she passed the reins over to Trainer M, who put the inaugural ride on him (just like she put the very, very first ride on him when I originally purchased him). She spent ~10 minutes riding a nice, active trotno rears, tension, or naughty behavior, just his usual attempts to suck back behind her leg, which I will take over wild west style broncing any day.

After all that activity I wanted to give him Saturday off. I intended to come out and give him a light lunge on Sunday… but a friend had some car trouble, so I didn’t make it out to the barn all weekend. 🙁

I leave you with this cute/gross video of Ezhno eating an apple while making unappealing squishy noises:

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