Weekly Riding Recap: April 24-30

Weekly Riding Recap: April 24-30





That’s right! We’re back in business, baby!

Well, sort of. I rode Ezhno both Thursday and Friday, once with Trainer M warming Ez up/supervising and once with absolutely nobody else in the arena with me. It was terrifying (undaunted, yeah right, HA HA HA HA). There were moments where I was fine, and then there were moments where he sucked back behind my leg and I was suddenly reminded that he has the capacity to go full on MONSTER MODE and my heart kind of sputtered. But he was a good boy! I think we’ll be in better shape when my confidence comes back and I feel comfortable picking a fight with him again.

Wednesday I also had a lesson on the Pony. Remember last week when I was all like “I might take a break from jumping for a while”? LOL. YEAH RIGHT, STEPHANI.

We ended up riding with a couple of less advanced riders, which was good because it meant we got to spend most of the lesson trotting the course (+two-point) with the jumps down as a set of ground poles. Towards the end Trainer M put them up to ~18″ (a height I now think of as “wimpy height”) and we just had a good time gallavanting around the course a couple of times.

Mucho fun, no pressure, no eating dirt, just a really good time.

With the Show Buddy at another stable (though she’s still around twice a week, since she’s my training program’s part time working student!), I also started helping out Trainer A and Trainer M a couple of mornings a weekgrooming, tacking, lunging, etc. Friday I even taught a Short Stirrup lesson. 🙂

For the most part, though, I spent the week playing with Ezhno in the round pen and slowly rebuilding my trust in my horse.

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