Moving into the Transition Bit

Moving into the Transition Bit

Look at how good he was in his new bit! 🙂

Meet the bit that my trainers call “the transition bit”! It’s got a jointed, Myler type mouth piece (curved with copper strips) and shanks that swivel, which I think puts it firmly in the Tom Thumb category? I’ve had a little experience with the Tom Thumb before, and while I didn’t like it then, the experience was completely different with a horse that has a solid training background (versus a horse that’s been over-bitted).

Trainer M and I had a sneaking suspicion that Ezhno had probably been ridden in a leverage bit before, but when my lesson rolled around on Wednesday we still started out on the ground, practicing our halts, rein back, and bending to both sides. Unsurprisingly, he was 100% not worried about the new bit.

Trainer M climbed aboard and, honestly… he was fine. He didn’t care much about the new bit at all. In fact, he looked better than he did in the snaffle. She put him through his walk/trot paces, fixed a couple of spots where he stopped bending and locked up, then passed the reins over to me.

Guys, he was such a  P R O F E S S I O N A L .

Seriously, he was fantastic. He felt a million times better than he did in the loose ring snaffle, it was like having a whole new horse. I could ride him with a drape in my reins, turn him off of my leg, and slow him with my seat (when I remembered to stop wiggling my hips like a lunatic LOL). It was almost like he was… gasp… WELL TRAINED AND CLOSE TO WALK/TROT SHOW READY.

Two weeks of consistency and I’m confident that we won’t be a complete embarrassment at the PtHA show. 😛

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    1. It is! It’s amazing how much of a difference a new bit can make. Thanks, I think he’s pretty good looking (most of the time LOL). 🙂

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