Weekly Riding Recap: May 8-14

Weekly Riding Recap: May 8-14

Monday was lame. I traded my barn time out for picking a friend up from the airport, which meant Ezhno and I didn’t get our private lesson last week. Then on Tuesday I had wait at the DMV for two hours to order a replacement license (I lost my entire purse over the weekend), so by the time I made it to the barn to ride I was frazzled and stressed out, so I had a shitty ride. 🙁

Wednesday morning I put Ezhno outside in the morning while I groomed for Trainer M/Trainer A. He came back in with a foreign metal object in his hoof, but luckily he was completely fine.

When I mounted up for my lesson I warned Trainer M that I’d been having terrible rides and asked her to call me out if I started picking on Ezhno too much, but in reality she quickly figured out that I was actually not being picky enough. I was doing a lot of managing and not very much fixing (story of my life), so instead of nagging him she coached me through how to pick up my reins and then hold until he gave me everything instead of having to remind him constantly that he needed to slow the hell down and lift up his belly. She also had me start riding one handed (pleasure style)it’s hard y’all.

Thursday I made a point to ride Ezhno just like I’d ridden in my lesson, so it went great! Our one-handed steering was even pretty good and we did some small figure 8’s and serpentines when I got bored jogging around the wall. Our walk to trot transitions needed work (they were wobbly and not very prompt), but overall I was super happy with where he was at.

Then on Friday he was pretty mad about the idea of spurs in general (dude, just go FORWARD), so we had a good ride that was punctuated with large moments of sass and irritationgreat way to end the week, right? 😛

Last week was pretty boring, honestly, but this week I’ve got a show to go to, so expect some good posts coming up. 🙂

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