Weekly Riding Recap: May 15-17

Weekly Riding Recap: May 15-17

This is going to be a quick recap of the first half of last week, and then we’ll get right into my experience at the Cascade Pinto Silver Buckle show!

With only a few days before we left for the show, our goal for Monday‘s private lesson was to put Ezhno into his new D-ring Myler (remember that adventure from back in February?). We warmed up in our western bridle (working on keeping my hand in a pleasure position and improving our walk to trot transitions/changes of direction), then put him in the D-ring. He was very good and it made his face look super cute, which hopefully distracted from my complete inability to sense my diagonals during my English equitation pattern (apparently I need some beginner level lessons LOL).

Tuesday was our last day of western practice before the show. Of course, I made the mistake of not warming up well enough before I started working on the rail, so Ezhno and I just ended up picking on each other. I made the decision to dismount and then remount to “reset” our entire ride. After that I treated it more like a school and started doing figure 8’s and reintroducing him to turns on the haunches, which was much better for both of us. Sometimes it’s better to just start over than to force the issue. 🙂

We spent Wednesday‘s lesson working on our English pleasure, and Ezhno went very well. His walk/trot pace was excellent, and while there were times where he sucked back so that I suddenly didn’t have any horse in front of me and he kept trying to trick me into pulling on the inside rein so that he could brace off of it, he was mostly awesome!

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