Weekly Riding Recap: June 5-11

Weekly Riding Recap: June 5-11

After starting off Monday with mixed feelings about the spur marks I put on Ezhno, I came in on Tuesday morning feeling like I had to make it up to him. The weather was so lovely that I put him outside for an hour while I soaked up some rays outside his paddock and caught up on some of my favorite horse-related blogs (the $900 Facebook Pony, PONY’TUDE, ‘Fraidy Cat Eventing, A Enter Spooking, and Viva Carlos, to name just a fewmaybe someday I’ll be as cool as my favorite bloggers!).

Eventually I started to burn, so I wrangled my horse and then took him out onto the track so that we could putz around some of the trail obstacles while I daydreamed about the underused cross country course (another “maybe someday”). Ezhno humored me, all while taking every opportunity to snag a a few mouthfuls of grass as he went over the obstacles.

We ended Tuesday with a short lunge (and despite the heavy workout on Monday, he was still 100% sound, plus his spur marks looked remarkably better when they weren’t freshly washed, so I call that a victory!), then I climbed aboard bareback in the indoor arena for a little bit of walk/jog/leg yield work.

It was a very chill day and I think it made us both super happy. 🙂

My usual Wednesday lesson got moved (it was Trainer M’s 30th birthday!), so instead Ezhno and I worked on our turn on the haunches/forehand in motion, extending the jog, and leg yielding at the walk (with a bareback cool down for fun). He was so lazy! I thought I’d need my dressage whip the next day…

Then I made the mistake of using said whip during my Thursday group lesson and Ezhno was ridiculous. One small tap with it and suddenly he was super forward, but very tense. It took a good thirty minutes of posting trot to get him to chill out enough to do the circle exercise that Trainer M had set up, and even then he was pretty certain that he needed to do the circles (and the leg yields afterwards) at Mach 10. It was nice to have so much go, but the tension didn’t make our lesson very productive. 🙁

Friday‘s ride was slightly more sedate (still no spurs and a generally lazy horse, LOL), then we took Saturday off while I had a video game marathon with friends.

Sunday Ezhno got spoiled with a lot of time out in the sunshine while I helped out with another Girl Scout event at the barn. He got to laze about until feeding time (at which point he of course decided he needed to come inside RIGHT NOW PLZ), then after three hours of grazing I trekked out to the back forty to bring him (and another very adorable pony) back inside for dinner.

We’re keeping up the no spur work this week (here’s a spoiler: we’re doing awesome!) and with any luck the weather will stay nice so that Ezhno can spend some more time outside. 🙂

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