Weekly Riding Recap: June 19-25

Weekly Riding Recap: June 19-25

I don’t have a lot left to say for this week.

I already talked a little bit about Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in my last post. The most I can add is that Trainer M rode Ezhno on Wednesday and started adding in a spur stop, plus worked on his lope (you can read more about what’s up with that can of worms here), then Ezhno had an appointment with the bodywork lady. He had a shoulder that was pretty severely out of whack (hello, bad lead), so that meant that I let him take it easy for the rest of the week.

We got some exciting news on Saturday (more on that later), but for the most part I just pampered him with a bath, a long hand grazing session, and a lot of outside time.

Sunday we did ride, but it was very short. It was just too hot!

This happened, too. That’s Dakota, she belongs to Trainer A’s boyfriend but comes to the barn when he’s working long police officer shifts. Also, she matches Ezhno, which clearly means this photo had to be taken IMMEDIATELY.

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