Goals for 2017 – 6 Month Goal

Goals for 2017 – 6 Month Goal

2017 is putting me through the wringer. As a tumultuous twenty-one year old, the person I was when I set my goals at the beginning of the year (link and link) isn’t the person I am today. My life likes to bob when I expect it to weave, zig when I think it’s going to zag, and throw me character-changing loops when I’m least prepared for them.

6 MONTHSShow at 2’0″ (AKA get to the Triforce Ring!).

Another goal originally meant for Ezhno and I, but… well, I obviously made the decision to let it fall by the wayside. Big Horse has made it pretty clear that jumping’s not his forte.

Next up is my twelve month goal: prepping Ezhno for his flying lead changes. Ezhno’s come back from his injury surprisingly well! Trainer M is working on the quality of his canter and once he’s got that down I can’t imagine it’ll be too long before flying changes are on the horizon. But, on the other hand, I might not own him by the time his training gets to that point.

This goal was a  FAILURE  

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