Ezhno Gets Some Guest Riders!

Ezhno Gets Some Guest Riders!

Bear with me, I’ve got so much blog content I’m struggling to keep up. 😅
I’m taking a break from the clinic recaps to bring you this!

Last week during horse camp, Ezhno got ridden by a couple of my equestrian friends. It was super hot and I was strapped for time, so when they volunteered to give him a little exercise for me I immediately jumped on their offers.

Of course, it was actually just an excuse to take lots of media and avoid riding in 85 degree weather… but don’t tell them that. 😛

Since I bought Ezhno, the only people that have been on him are me, my non-horsey friends (pony rides~!), and my trainers. It wasn’t intentionallike I’ve said in previous posts, I’ve ditched my childhood attitude of “only I can ride my horse”but my fellow barn goers are busy people, so I’ve just never stumbled upon a situation where someone else asked to ride him.

Now that I’ve decided to sell him, I think it’s important for me to put other people on him, partially because it’s nice to assure myself that yes, he is a well broke gentleman (most of the time) that does okay with different riders, but also to help mentally prepare myself for him to have someone else permanently.

Scooby’s owner was at SEC for Trainer A’s advanced horse camp, but Scooby had a vet appointment on Wednesday, so she used Ezhno for part of camp. She was amazed by just how lazy he can be (story of my life, LOL), but she got a solid canter out of him! Honestly, she’s such a confident rider (not a nervous nelly like I am), they looked amazing together. 🙂

On Friday I didn’t have to work in the afternoon, so I planned on riding after horse camp, but the hot weather killed my motivation. Lucky for me, Teeq’s owner was happy to get on my beast for me. Ezhno had one small mishap (shoddy trot to canter transitions for the win!), but she did a great job of pushing him forward when he tried to suck back and they had a good time walk/trot/loping their way around the arena. 😀

It was really nice to get to see a couple of different people on Ezhno! He can be kind of a brute, but most of the time he’s a great horse and it was confidence building to see other amateurs ride him without any problems. Having real life evidence that he’s going to be okay with a different rider makes me feel better about selling him. 🙂

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