Fireworks are the Devil?

Fireworks are the Devil?

Everywhere I look, I feel like I’m surrounded by Scrooge McDuck! It seems like every status update I read online and every person I encounter has an anti-fireworks rant primed and ready to go.

Am I the only one that likes a good fireworks show?

ANYWAYS, I didn’t go out for 4th of July (too tired from the clinic 😴), but I did make it to the barn on the day after and holy moly, Ezhno was a basket case!  For a long while I was lunging him before every ride, but I’ve weaned myself off of that habit. I could tell he was a little wound up on Wednesday, but I decided not to lunge and I went in armed with a lot of leg/some spur. We worked on leg yielding and circles at the jog to keep his brain in. He seemed like he was starting to settle in…

Cue dramatics when I asked for a canter transition, then again a few minutes later when we were just jogging on the wall, LOL. I made the decision to deem said dramatics “not my problem” and finish up with some trot work, then handed the reins over to Trainer M with a quick message of, “He’s being a douche, I’m sorry for my horse, please fix?” 😂

Trainer M got on, rode him for a few minutes, got off, put him on the lunge line, and deemed him a danger to himself (wild running/slipping is No Bueno for horse that had an injury a few months ago). She even had to run him into a wall to get him to listen to her halt cue! In the end, she decided to take him out to the round pen for a one on one conversation.

Welcome to the Rollback Game, Ez.

Ezhno has played the Rollback Game before. He quickly fell into the lope, reverse, lope rhythm, though not without encouragement from Trainer M (a lazy horse is a lazy horse even when he’s amped up, after all). She let him run back and forth until he was sweaty and breathing hard, then we untacked him, walked him out, and called it a day, under the presumption that the fireworks had him rattled and he’d probably be back to his normal safe and sane self the next day.

The next day Trainer M had me play a quick round of the Rollback Game before my ride, then I took him out to the arena and rode literally the laziest horse I’ve ever been on. He trudged his way around, as chill as could be, then Trainer M hopped on real quick to check out his lope (it was awesome) before I got back on and had a great time loping around the arena and doing simple lead changes. It was a very fun ride, probably one of the best I’ve had on him since his injury!

It’s so weird how horses can change on a day to day basis, but I’m really grateful that Ezhno can pull himself back together like the fireworks never happened after just a couple of sessions in the round pen. 🙂

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