Getting Settled & an Update on Ezhno

Getting Settled & an Update on Ezhno

Check this out. It’s a comparison between the arena footing at my old barn and the arena footing at my new barn:

She wasn’t kidding when she said “dust free”. #blessed

Ezhno has settled into his new digs very well. He was a bit piqued when I put him in the trailer without food or friends, but he hauled well and unloaded politely. In fact, he followed along behind me on a loose lead to one of the big turnout paddocks—his stall wasn’t quite ready yet, so he got to make kissy faces with Scooby (who stood stock still, like a horse that had never gotten face kisses before, much to Ezhno’s face kissing pleasure) while I went back to volunteering at horse camp.

I immediately got texts about how handsome he is, so apparently the brute turned on the charm when I left, LOL. 

I came back out right after work to make sure he was doing well and he was… well, he was 100% fine, so I tacked him up and took him for a test ride in our new indoor arena.

He was an angel. A very lazy angel.

It was weird riding in such a quiet barn. There was no yelling, banging, barking, or highway noises, just the sound of birds and Ezhno’s shoes crunching along. I thought I might be a little nervous about riding without anyone else around, but I wasn’t.

We walked, we trotted, and we loped without even a little anxiety. I call that a major victory! ✌️

I think the change of scenery is going to make Ezhno an even more chill horse. It’s good for him to be able to walk around during the day (even if his outside space is small right now; he’s on the list to move to a stall with a bigger paddock, but it could be a while), plus I think he likes being able to wander outside to see anyone that pulls into the driveway. And, of course, I originally bought him from a small private facility, so it makes sense he’s super comfortable with the increased solitude.

All in all, I think the doof is happy with the move. We’ll see how the peace and quiet pans out for my social butterfly tendencies, but as of now I’m enjoying the change of pace, too. 😛

In the mean time, the benefits of moving to KW are two-fold. Scooby’s owner’s mother is looking for a walk/jog/some canter trail/pleasure horse. She took a ride on him under Trainer A’s supervision on Wednesday evening and she liked him, so she’s going to start trialing him today. I hope they work out, I think he’d do awesome as a mom horse and I like that I  know the family. If not, I do have a few more people in mind that are looking for something steady like him.

I’m confident I’ll find someone that will be a great fit for him. 😊

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