Cool Stats from the 2017 Whidbey Island Horse Trials

Cool Stats from the 2017 Whidbey Island Horse Trials

While I was out at the 41st annual Whidbey Island Horse Trials, I snagged one of their handy dandy show programs from the office. It had the typical sponsorship listings, schedules, food menus, and cross country maps… but it also had a list of every participating horse and rider, including some cool statistics like the horse’s color, sex, year of birth, breed, and height.

This little booklet was data heaven. 😀

Of course, my innate sense of curiosity demanded that I be able to suss out any trends in the data, so I spent a couple of afternoons painstakingly entering all of the info into an Excel spreadsheet so that I could sort, manipulate, and display the data in a more approachable format.

Without further ado, here’s what I found out:

299 total entries

Best Names:

Colonel Fish
Double Click
Push the Button
The Bear King
Water Cube

Top 6 Horse Breeds

  1. Thoroughbred 117 horses, 39.1%
  2. Hanoverian 18 horses, 6.0%
  3. Oldenburg 16 horses, 5.4%
  4. Holsteiner 13 horses, 4.4%
  5. Connemara — 11 horses, 3.7%
  6. Dutch Warmblood — 11 horses, 3.7%

# Horses by Birth Year

% Horses by Height

Fun fact: 52.2% were some variation of bay or brown.

Pile all of that data together and this tiny sample says that the quintessential eventing horse is a 7 to 12 year old dark bay/brown Thoroughbred gelding that measures somewhere between 16 and 16.3 hands high. AND LO AND BEHOLD, GUESS WHAT I JUST BOUGHT?

Clearly destined for unparalleled greatness in the next few years, duh. 😛
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