Raglan’s History & an Unexpected Coincidence

Raglan’s History & an Unexpected Coincidence

“Go hug your horse. Someone probably loved a mare, and carefully chose a sire. … Someone sat up all night for who knows how long to help your horse into the world, and someone kissed that wet nose. Someone put on the first halter, picked up the first hoof … and tightened the first girth. It took a lot of hearts to carry your horse to you.”

Wait, what do you mean there’s no Man o’ War in that pedigree???

I love digging into a horse’s history. It’s a humbling reminder that at some point the horses I have now were once tiny baby colts trotting alongside their mammas. It makes me think of all the people that have loved them and all the work that went into their training before the Universe made our paths cross. I like thinking that there’s probably someone out there wondering where Ezhno and Rags ended up and how they’re doing, and one quick Google search might lead them to this blog. 

OTTB’s are unique in that they come with a rich backstory. They’re called retired racehorses for a reason; they’ve lived an entire career alreadya whole slew of hopes and dreams, trainers and exercise riders, jockeys and cheering fans. When they’re sold off of the track for their second careers they’re reborn as completely new horses, but their past is still there, waiting to be uncovered.

Raglan’s daddy, Thorn Song, winner of $1,132,700 in earnings. His impressive race record came to a premature end in July 2009, when he suffered a partially ruptured deep digital flexor tendon. He developed severe complications, but recovered thanks to stem cell therapy only to pass away in 2011.
Raglan’s description from his Jockey Club paperwork. He got his dark coat from his dam.
Raglan as a three year old. This was taken as his “departure photo” when he originally left Harris Farms for the track. Look at how ridiculously buff he is, where did that chunky horse go? #GOALS

Raglan was foaled April 6, 2012 at Harris Farms in Coalinga, California, under the name Arms War. He ran his first race in September 2015 and, like most west coast racehorses, he spent winters in California and summers in Washington. Rags ran five races down south as a three year old (at Del Mar, Santa Anita, and Golden Gate), then was purchased by Woodway Stable & Saratoga West in March 2016, at which point he came up to Emerald Downs and raced under trainer Jeffrey Metz six more times before he retired.

11 starts, 0 wins, 1 place, 2 shows and a total earnings of $6,240… not very impressive, LOL.

Here’s the crazy coincidence part of this story: I was looking at the chart for Raglan’s last race (June 12, 2016) and I recognized the name of the horse that wonCozzabi, a horse with 20:1 odds that netted me $100 because I was there at the track that day. I watched Raglan’s last race!

Just a week or so after his last race, on June 20, 2016, Rags was sold to his first off track buyer. The buyer in question gave him the fall/winter off, then passed him along to the woman that sold him to me! It’s funny how a little bit of digging can help you find some unexpected connections, isn’t it?

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