Things Raglan Needs

Things Raglan Needs

My finances are in shambles right now. That’s what happens when you buy a new horse and your old horse gets banged up and doesn’t sell when you expect him to (pro tip: don’t make plans. ever.). As it stands, I just dropped $800 on board (which all but obliterates my paycheck) and my credit card’s (small) limit is almost maxed out (plus I’ve got a car loan hanging in the ether, too).

The American Dream: credit card debt, a doofy OTTB, and a backseat full of Haystack

Selling Ezhno will absolve me of these debtsthough there’s a small chance I’ll just keel over from the stress before that happens!but for now that means that I’m only shelling out for the bare necessities (AKA gas, grain, and farrier bills). My current budgeting problem certainly doesn’t stop me from having a list of things that I want to buy for my new horse, though. 😆

The saddle has a seat like a 2×4 and the girth is on its last legs.

Right now Rags and I are putzing around with a ragtag band of mismatched/borrowed items. TrainerM lent us an old Crosby (with no blocks anywhere 😥 ) and a frayed 50″ girth, and then I added in a pair of faded black leathers, some cheap irons with Super Comfort Iron Grips on them, a tired old Toklat fitted pad, one of those foam riser pads, and Ezhno’s old Ovation English bridle.

In the words of Tim Gunn, we’re “making it work”… but it’s not particularly stylish or comfortable.

Meanwhile, look at these beauties! Left: TrainerM’s super comfy Crosby XL. Middle: InstructorA’s brand new Prestige Passion. Right: the CWD I got to trot around in when I test rode Rags.

The moment Ezhno sells and I’m back in the black, the first thing on my list is a new (most likely used) saddle. Pessoa, Butet, Bates, Stubben, M.Toulouse, HDR, CWD, Antares… so many proper nouns to consider, though honestly I think my game plan is to either find a fitter to have out or snag a couple of saddles from Olson’s to take on trial to ensure whatever I buy fits Rags.

Of course, I’m also going to need 1,000,000 colorful saddle pads, one of those cool sheepskin edged halfpads, new leathers, and an anatomic girth to go with my fancy new saddle… and don’t forget about the fancy fly bonnets, plus maybe one of those beautiful flash bridles from Lund Saddlery. 😛

And then I’m going to need me a bright pink show coat to match my pink bonnet/saddle pad, obv.

I just want to be as stylish as Christian Ahlmann and Caribis Z, except with pink instead of blue. 😎

On a smaller scale, I also need to get a new set of brushes (with the softest of bristles because Raglan is a baby), a new plate for his cute leather halter (his is pretty scuffed up), and maybe a pair of bell boots (he’s gotten nicked from interfering already when I stupidly forgot to put on his open fronts before I lunged him).

So basically I’m sitting over here waiting to win the lottery. 😀

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