Quarterly Goals: Autumn 2017

Quarterly Goals: Autumn 2017

First off, I TURN 22 TODAY. Second off, RAGS GETS SHOES PUT BACK ON ONE WEEK FROM TODAY AND I AM SUPER PUMPED. But that’s not what this post is about. 😀

This post is about me being excited for a future filled with these two doofs!

Back at the start of the year I set a bunch of Goals for 2017, but my life is constantly in flux so I’ve decided that a new blog calls for new goals and a more mercurial system! But before I launch right into my goals for the next three months, here’s an overview of how those goals I set in January panned out.

Find a saddle that fits
This is a half success because I did buy a saddle and it does fit Ezhno, it just happens to be a western saddle (not what I intended to get).

Compete in the Triforce Ring
Jumping ended up not being for Ezhno (obviously), so I decided to set this goal aside for the time being.

Ride a dressage test
This still might happen! Eagle Mountain has dressage schooling shows over the winter and I think they’d be a great opportunity for Raglan.

Introduce Ezhno to cattle
Go on an overnight trail ride
These sounded like fun things to do with Ezhno (and they still do), but they’re not huge priorities now.

Take Ezhno to a clinic
There’s a performance clinic at KW this October, but I’m not feeling it so I think I’m going to pass.

Buy a truck and trailer
The truck part is done (just needs a brake box!), but keeping two horses means that finding the cash for a trailer might take a while.

That’s a lot of red X’s, but I think it’s more a sign of changing priorities than failure. I’m glad to set those goals aside so that I can move forward to the future, so let’s dive straight into my new goals!


Get him back in shoes and sound again

Take him to his first show (Eagle Mountain? LWSC?)

Haul him to the SEC for a lesson with TrainerM

Establish his canter


Take him for a trail ride (tree farm?)

Work on developing a slower canter

Work on his lateral movements

════ GOALS FOR ME ════

Put a brake box in the truck

Learn how to drive a trailer

Buy my own jumping saddle

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