Learning from a Bad Ride

Learning from a Bad Ride

I was so excited about Thursday’s ride that on Saturday afternoon I made the mistake of thinking that Ezhno and I could pick up right where we’d left offLOL, YEAH RIGHT. I had all of these grand thoughts of working on our halt to trot transitions, practicing Training 1 with the correct size of circles, and putting some more work into his canter… but horses are a one step forward and then two steps back kind of deal. You’re bound to have just as many bad rides as good rides and the only thing you can do is push through the bad to get to the good. That’s what the partnership’s all about, after all!

Anyways, my mother and I had been running errands in the area, so she was there to be my camera lady. Fair warning: we’re terrible in this video. But I think it’s important to share the good and the bad on here!


Remember that your horse is an animal, not a robot. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m pretty sure by the time Saturday rolled around Ezhno hadn’t had a day off in over a week. He usually gets one or two days off a week, but they’re not always on the same day. I think I dropped the ball in keeping track of them, so even though he felt fine physically it isn’t surprising he was mentally fried.

Stay on topic, don’t send mixed messages. After a couple of warmup laps the first thing I wanted to work on was our trot-halt-trot transitions… but somehow it turned into us bickering over the proper way to rein back? From there we went back to practicing our halts and he just wasn’t sure if he should be going backwards when I put my leg on, so we got stuck instead of trotting off.

Know when to lower your expectations. Trot-halt-trot sucked, so instead of finding something positive to work on my brain fell out and I thought fighting with him about canter transitions would somehow improve our situation. Hey, maybe DON’T try to work on the hardest thing when everything is already sucky?

Hot damn, I’m so out of shape it’s not even funny. Oh my God my equitation. Especially at the canter, WOW. Could I maybe put my shoulders back and stop letting my lower leg swing around wildly? Maybe engage my core just a little bit? I AM ASHAMED OF MYSELF.

So first thing’s first, Ezhno’s getting a few days off to mentally reset. That means I’m also spending some time away from the barn, which is good because I’ve literally got eight articles to write. Second thing: that saddle is doing me no favors. And third thing: I should probably be working on my fitness. 😆

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