Getting Raglan Back on Track

Getting Raglan Back on Track

Well, good news: the pads took 60% functional Raglan and turned him into 80% functional Raglan overnight. We put him on Bute for a couple of days anyways, which pushed him up to 95% functional, then once the effects of the Bute wore off I sent videos to the vet.

I was PUMPED. I was also cautious, because 1.) I didn’t want to break the horse again, and 2.) I didn’t want to die. Rags can get a little feisty—and even with my recent confidence boost I’m still a pansy at heart.

So I pulled the spoiled student card and coaxed TrainerA into scheduling a time on Thursday morning to get onto the beast for me. I’m pretty certain he wouldn’t have given me much trouble if I’d hopped on (all of his naughtiness usually happens going into the canter and we’re still walk/trotting through life over here), but I figured I might as well use the resources I have to my advantage.

There’s still something there, but at this point we don’t know if it’s stiffness from spending the last six weeks in his stall, bruising on his soles that needs to resolve now that he’s got the pads on to protect them, or if there’s something more insidious going on. But since I’m a professional grade worrywart, I was really nervous that I was going to go out to the barn the next day and he wouldn’t even be able to walk.

Luckily for me he looked the same, so I climbed aboard for a short toodle to let him stretch his legs out.

It made my heart super happy to finally be back on my great big lug. Even at the walk it’s very apparent how different my two horses are. They think differently, feel differently, and move differently. They’re complete opposites in almost every way, but I love them both! 🙂

Could you please stop breaking things tho? 😥

I’ve decided Rags and I are going to keep our rides to walk only for the next week or so. With any luck that plus stretches plus a joint supplement plus maybe a massage will get him back to feeling 100%.

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