Blog Hop: Your Perfect Horse

Blog Hop: Your Perfect Horse

Late to the party (as always), but this one comes from Olivia, who challenged other bloggers to describe their “perfectly perfect ideal horse”. I think equestrians are hardwired with a natural proclivity towards daydreaming, so it wasn’t surprising that the moment I read the question my brain started churning.

Don’t get me wrong, I love these idiots, but if I had $1,000,000 in my pocket…

The first thing that always comes to mind when thinking about a dream horse is how the horse looks, so let’s start there. I want something big. Bring me a 17.2hh monsterI love the feeling of being the tiniest girl on the biggest horse. I want something athletic, but not lanky. He should have a thick neck that looks good with a roach. This gelding has big hindquarters, a short back, and clean legs. His head is attractive, but not delicate (he might even have a tiny bit of a Roman nose!).

Color, of course, is very important (hey, if we’re playing “dream horse”, we’re going to really PLAY it!). Let’s get real: I’m a sucker for the spotlight, so I’m going to go ahead and add the words PINTO WARMBLOOD to the list of requirements. That’s right, we wanna turn some heads!

This gelding is so athletic that lateral work feels easy. Counter canter is easy. Lead changes are easy. He’s such a good mover that if he didn’t have a passion for jumping he’d be a killer dressage prospect.

He’s got BIG gaitsthe kind that make you feel like time’s slowed down and you’re not moving when really you’re covering a huge amount of ground. On top of that, he’s got the scope to get us out of any situation and to take me as far as I want to go (okay, maybe not the Olympics, but at least the cool 1.30m money winning classes they have at local rated shows).

Cornet 39, HUBBA HUBBA. (photo by Stefano Grasso from the Longines site)

My dream gelding is also young (four or five), because I love having a project to work on. He picks up on things quickly, but if he doesn’t understand something he keeps guessing until he gets it right.

His work ethic is huge (but he’s also very forgiving). Not only does he want to do the job, but he’s so game that he never says no to any fence (unless, of course, it’s too dangerous to jump). Even though my leg only comes halfway down his barrel, he listens super well. Sometimes he might get a little over exuberant when we’re jumping, but he slows down when he feels me getting off balance and tries his hardest to keep me on.

Umenno, another one from Solaris Sport Horses. 😎

This dream horse LOVES water and is great on trails. He might stop and look at things, but you can feel safe riding on the buckle. He’s a chill guy in general; he doesn’t mind if other horses smush up against him, and he keeps out of any major trouble so that he stays healthy and sound. He’s a little on the cheeky side (he loves to be all up in your business), but he’s got good ground manners. When I let go of his bridle he strikes a pose so that I can take majestic Instagram photos of his handsome face.

Radikal, from Cocolalla Creek Sport Horses.

If you add all of those traits together, you might have noticed that my dream horse looks suspiciously like the horse you might get if you took Ezhno and Raglan and smashed them together.

Now if only I could combine them into one knock dead gorgeous athlete…

Take Ezhno’s color, his hardy feet, and his brawniness and merge them with Raglan’s size, athletic ability, and squishy nose (then dial it all up to 10 and add in the innate ability to pose for photos), and you’d have something pretty darn close to my dream horse. Maybe someday I’ll find the perfect combination of the two of them, but for now I’m very happy with my two bozos! 😀

And if I can’t have my dream horse, I’ll just take Caribis Z. :mrgreen: (photo from NF Style)
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