Rags Gets Some Guest Riders

Rags Gets Some Guest Riders

Sunday morning I was putzing around on Ezhno bareback when LilyO came for one final ride in the KW arena before she moves Lily down south to be with her new leaser. Teeq’s been leased out for a couple of months now, so I handed Ezhno over to LilyO’s sister, TeeqO, while I tacked up Raglan.

I put Raglan through his paces on the lunge for a couple of minutes (he was good) and then joined them. It was busy arena, but Rags did very well! He was a little distracted, but I just kept reminding him that he was supposed to be working and he did fine. We even cantered(!). He was doing so well that I talked TeeqO and LilyO into taking him for a quick spin before they got started gathering up all of Lily’s things.

There’s always something thrilling about watching other people ride my horses. I love seeing all of that training pay off! It’s exciting to feel like I’m at a place where I have enough confidence in Rags that I can put other riders on him and know that he’ll walk/trot/canter around without any problems.

I picked a wonderful horse and words can’t do justice to how excited I am to move forward with him. A couple of months working on his canter and then I think I see oxers on our horizon…

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