Bless this Beautiful Horse

Bless this Beautiful Horse

Guys, I can’t put into words just how much I love this hard-headed horse. 💓

A very lovely mother/daughter came out to look at him yesterday! The mother used to ride when she was a teen and now has eleven year old twins that want their own horses for 4-H. She warned that the daughter that would be riding Ezhno was a little bit timid, but that she’d been taking lessons for a couple of years and that she could ride walk/trot/canterand they were coming with a trainer, which is a huge plus!

Saturday afternoon I gave Ezhno a pep talk, took Raglan for a ride, and then greeted Ezhno’s potential leasers as they pulled into the barn. Twenty minutes later Ezhno was tacked up (hunt seat!) and I was cavorting around the arena, showing off Ezhno’s paces (he was a Very Good Boy!).

And then the girl got on and he was… well, obstinate is a good word for it. It didn’t matter how vigorously she fluttered her tiny little eleven year old legs, he alternated between drifting off to sleep and staring at me from across the arena with an expression that can only be described as “seriously?”. Despite the trainer’s vigorous encouragement and the crop I handed over from where it was buried in my tack trunk, Ezhno treated her kicks and taps like they were just a gentle tickle on his ribs. He flicked his tail in annoyance and ultimately walked a couple of sluggish, non-circular laps for her before they called it quits. 😅

The moment they were gone I lost itlegit cracked up. Something about the combination of the futility of that little girl’s struggles and Ezhnos strange mixture of patience and annoyance had me in hysterics.

Sometimes I forget that one of my favorite things about Ezhno is how stubborn he can be. 😊

Of course, then I got on and put the fear of god into him by making him practice figure 8’s and sloppy (but quick) simple lead changes. I had to apply the Wand of Motivation a couple of times since I was riding without spurs, but once his engine was revved up he did a good job. And then, because he owed me recompense for his silliness, I made him take me over some tiny jumps a few times. 😁

I’ve got another exciting possible lead on a leaser, so hopefully I’ll have an update on Ezhno again soon!

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