Something in the Woods

Something in the Woods

Friday, after an inexplicably anxiety-riddled morning, I beat back a lingering sense of malaise and managed to drag myself out to the car for a trip to the barn. My day to day schedule doesn’t allow for a lot of flexibility, so it’s not often that I end up at the barn after dark. Yay, winter vacation!

The driveway to the barn is kind of ominous in the dark…

It was nice to get to see a couple of the boarders that operate on the complete opposite schedule of me. They didn’t stick around for long, though, and by the time I got on Rags the barn was empty. We got a lot done without anybody to distract us. I would even go so far as to say that it was one of our best rides yet!

But when I got off, something seemed amiss. All of a sudden, Raglan was very nervous. We wandered over to the wall of the arena that bumps up against the woods. I gave him a couple of pats on the neck, teased him for being so silly, and then… well, turn up the volume and watch to the end:

Creepy! They howled for a few minutes straight while Rags and I stared out into the woods with wide eyes. Needless to say, we weren’t super thrilled to have to walk out into the dark to go back to his stall.

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