Merry Christmas to Me

Merry Christmas to Me

Remember about a month ago when I set goals for the winter and I told myself I wasn’t going to make any big purchases because I wanted to pay off some of my credit card debt? HA HA HA, I crack myself up.

This is a 1978 Miley two horse straight load that I spotted on Facebook right before Christmas. I’ve always known I was doomed to end up with a straight load (they’re a third of the price of a slant load in my area and I’m #broke), but when I messaged its seller the measurements of the trailer sounded promising (a little too promising…) and I had a whole bunch of free time anyways what with  the holiday break, so I figured I might as well drive the 115 miles to look at it. The worst that could happen would be that I ended up passing on the trailer and just had a nice drive to the coast and back.

Fueling up the truck for the long drive to Seabeck.
Seattle skyline on an early December morning.
Crossing over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge (AKA “Galloping Gertie”).
Making my way onto the Olympic Peninsula.
How is it possible for Washington to be this beautiful?
Made it to the woods, must be getting closer…
The seller topping off the air in the trailer’s tires after he helped me hook it up.
My first time hauling something! Not as scary as I thought it’d be.
Parked at a rest stop. So exciting to have a trailer of my own!
Finally made it back to the barn! It’s parked in the outdoor arena right now.

The measurements the seller gave me did turn out to be a little bit off. It’s a tad bit shorter than what I was looking for, but I think that it should do okay. If not, the worse that happens is that I fix it up a little bit, sell it, and call it a lesson learned! I have an appointment set up to have it looked at next Friday so that I can get a list of all the things that it needs done. It’s going to be a fun adventure!

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