2017 in Review

2017 in Review

════ JANUARY ════

Ezhno and I played the “maybe we can jump” game, which ended with Ezhno broken. It was fun getting to ride Belle again, but no fun forcing Ezhno to take his bute. I landed in the ER for a badly tweaked neck, but end the month with a fun day of jumping with friends.

════ FEBRUARY ════

Somehow I got talked to going to the snowy hellhole that is Lynden to warm up ride Belle at an IHSA show. The vet put Ezhno at 30% recovered. I ended up with Lexi as a short term project horse.

════ MARCH ════

Ezhno was declared 80% sound. I started loping Lexi, then went on vacation in Arizona. I bought a new saddle, dug up old photos of Ezhno, and finished off March with a great jumping clinic.

════ APRIL ════

Ezhno was cleared to ride again, but he ended up on a lunging routine after he bucked me off. In the mean time, I sent in his PtHA and ICHR paperwork, I rode Belle more, and I audited Charlotte Dujardin. Ezhno’s sanity returned and I got talked into signing up for an APHA show. My family also bought a tiny truck!

════ MAY ════

We put Ezhno in the transition bit just in time for the Cascade Pinto Silver Buckle Show. We only won a couple of ribbons, but I was so proud of him for handling such a busy environment! I got professional photos, we cantered for the first time in five months, and Ezhno turned eight.

════ JUNE ════

Ezhno ended up with spur marks, leaving me feeling super guilty. We rode without spurs for a couple of weeks and Ezhno was super lazy. Ezhno’s PtHA papers arrived and he went back into training to work on his lope. After weeks of fretting, I had the realization that I should sell Ezhno.

════ JULY ════

I audited a Daniel Stewart clinic. Ezhno moved to KW and a 4-H mom took him on trial. In the mean time, I bought a second horse! I had my first ride on Rags. I saw cross country in person for the first time (and took photos!). Raglan and I had our first lesson together. My friend Missy came out to take cute photos. Ezhno hurt himself right before his vet check.

════ AUGUST ════

I realized that I was at the track for Raglan’s last raceI even have photos! I found a new farrier. Raglan ended up lame after his shoes were pulled. Ezhno didn’t sell and I made the decision to keep him. I took pictures at the Evergreen Classic and at the Meadow Wood Dressage Finale. Ezhno got a new leaser!

════ SEPTEMBER ════

I had a good lesson with Ezhno. Both boys got their yearly maintenance done and Raglan got his shoes back on (but still wasn’t super sound). Ezhno and I celebrated our one year anniversary! I took photos at Octoberfest. Ezhno and I attempted dressage, but it just led to some not so good rides.

════ OCTOBER ════

Raglan got pads put on (yay!) and Ezhno’s lease didn’t end up working out (boo!). I didn’t know what to do with Ez, so I put him into part time training. Jesse Shaw taught a clinic at KW. I bought the Devoucoux and Raglan and I got back to work. I gave him a new show name (Ragdoll Physics), cantered him for the first time, and had my first fall off of him.

════ NOVEMBER ════

Raglan had a couple of guest riders and went to his first show! I went back to looking for a leaser for Ezhno, bought an action camera, and picked up a side gig. Ezhno ended up leased out to Raglan’s old owner, who’s using him as a husband/trail horse for the time being.

════ DECEMBER ════

TrainerA taught me how to use side reins on Raglan. My tall boots kicked the bucket, but I was saved by a friend! TrainerA gave me the courage to kick Raglan’s butt a little bit. A plague began to spread down south. I messed with Raglan’s tack set up (more on that later). I bought a trailer!

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