I’m Just Here for the Goals

I’m Just Here for the Goals

If you expect the “yay, it’s 2018!” posts to stop anytime soon, you’re probably following the wrong blog. Celebrating the New Year is my favorite holiday. I 100% buy into all of the “shedding your old self, out with the old and in the with new” nonsense the gyms spew to try to convince people to spend money on their memberships. I love letting go of last year and looking into the future with the sense of optimism and joy that a clean slate bringsI love setting goals and thinking about my next steps in life.

Let’s get real, I actually just like making a million colorful diagrams.

Last year was the first year I kept a planner. It was a palm-sized little book that I bought at the dollar store, and it did a great job of keeping me organized and helping me get things done. Having everything I needed to do mapped out in a check list kept me a lot less anxious. For 2018 I knew I wanted more space to plan in, so I ordered a small Passion Planner on recommendation from a (very organized) friend.

First week of 2018 in my Passion Planner! Also, I promise this post will end up talking about ponies LOL

One of the first things the Passion Planner has you do is a “Passion Roadmap”. You sit down for five minutes and list everything you want in life out into four different sections (three months, one year, three years, and a lifetime). I did mine back in November, then promptly had a breakthrough a week into January when I realized that some of the goals I’d written down were holdovers from past years that I’d actually lost interest in. I ended up redoing the whole exercise from a new perspective.

Here’s the general gist of what I figured out while I was making my Passion Roadmap:

ONE MONTH: lighten the load, take things off my plate → no forced writing time, finish up articles I’m working on for the video game website I write for and then take a hiatus

SIX MONTHS: get mobile so that Rags and I can meet people → horse trailer finished, showing 2’0″, do a dressage show, trail rides, despooking clinic, etc., take more horse show pictures

ONE YEAR: get rid of all of my credit card debt → this needs a plan sooner rather than later

FIVE YEARS: steady source of income = savings and less worry → figure out a career? something with horses, but also maybe writing or photography or web design?

What really stood out to me, though, was something that all of my different sections seemed to have in common: every single one has something about meeting other people that love ponies or commenting on more things about ponies or exploring other disciplines so that I can make more friends with ponies. It sounds kind of silly now that I’m writing this all out, but when it came down to it the lifetime goal I marked as the most important literally just says “support the equestrian community”.

Anyways, I’ve got a whole bunch of sub-goals that I should map out at some point so that I have actionable steps to take towards achieving them (yay, more diagrams!).

Here’s a cute picture of my pony for slogging through all of this existential blah blah blah. 🙂

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