Trailer Reno #1: the Ramp

Trailer Reno #1: the Ramp

I’ve had a surprising amount of criticism lobbed my way on Instagram about my new-to-me “death trailer”. This post was originally a bitter rant about unsolicited advice, generational disconnect, and shitty people on the internet being shitty— but trying to stay mad is exhausting, so…

Check out the new ramp instead!

Our safety inspection went about as well as I could have hoped for! The good ol’ boys down at Bickford Trailers deemed the frame sound, but found a couple of bearings that needed to be replaced. The inspection, the bearings, and the ramp cost me $800 total. Plus the mechanic gave me a lot of advice! 😀

Before and after of the ramp! Notice that he put in a more traditional rectangular ramp to help cut down on material costs and to make it weigh a little bit less, too.

Getting the ramp fixed was the biggest piece of the Miley renovation project. Plus it’s nice to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all of my wheels/bearings/the frame/etc. are in roadworthy shape. The rest of the stuff I have planned for the Miley is mostly cosmetic, but the majority of the things that need to get done have to wait until late spring rolls around and we start having some consistent sunshine.

The Miley’s definitely not my dream trailer, but I’m learning a lot just from having something to work on!

I’m starting to think preemptively about paint colors…

I’ve played a lot of video games; I know the value of buying cheap gear and then upgrading later, when you’ve got more coin to spare and a better idea of what class you want to specialize in. 😉

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