Trailer Reno #2: the Divider

Trailer Reno #2: the Divider

When I bought the Miley I had a pretty good idea of how much work would need to be done on it. What I didn’t realize was that its center divider was going to become my absolute nemesis.

The divider swings either way, but I want to be able to take it all the way out to help encourage Raglan to get into the trailer.

Trying to take out the center divider was the first thing I did when I got the Miley back to the barn. The two bottom pins were tight, but I managed to wiggle them loose. The top pin, on the other hand, was stuck tight. Undeterred, I came back with PB B’laster and a heavy rubber mallet to try to tap the pin loose. Then we tried a sledgehammer and that didn’t work, either! In the end we literally had to cut the divider out.

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So that's how @unnnez and I spent our morning 😅

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Our somewhat medieval methods also had the benefit of removing the top part of the divider so that it’s smaller, lighter, and more easy to manage. Still, what a hassle!

But with the divider out, the real question was whether Rags would be willing to get into the Murder Box…

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