Trailer Reno #2: the Divider

Trailer Reno #2: the Divider

When I bought the Miley I had a pretty good idea of how much work would need to be done on it. What I didn’t realize was that its center divider was going to become my absolute nemesis.

The divider swings either way, but I want to be able to take it all the way out to help encourage Raglan to get into the trailer.

Trying to take out the center divider was the first thing I did when I got the Miley back to the barn. The two bottom pins were tight, but I managed to wiggle them loose. The top pin, on the other hand, was stuck tight. Undeterred, I came back with WD40 and a heavy rubber mallet to try to tap the pin loose.

The top part of the hinge that the divider turns around was loose, but the bottom part was rusted in place and wouldn’t budge.

When I took the trailer into the shop to have the ramp rebuilt I meant to ask the mechanics to get the divider out for me, but I forgot. No big deal, I thought I’d have them handle it when I went to pick it up, but it ended up being ready for me on the weekend, when all of the mechanics were already gone for the week. The office lady and I tried to strong arm it out together, but no dice.

Then I came back with a whole can of PB B’laster, a rust-killing catalyst that the Bickford team recommended to me. I drenched the pin in it, but that didn’t cut it either.

How many chemicals have I inhaled over the past couple of weeks? 😷

At this point I was fed up, so I brought in a friend with some serious sledgehammer skills.

We spent thirty minutes beating the divider senseless, but it still wouldn’t come out. The next day we made a run to the hardware store, where some very kind fellows helped us pick out the right tool for the job: a hacksaw with a couple of extra blades. That plus a huge pair of pruning shears and a carefully planned strategy of who-cares-anymore finally gave us the ability to literally cut the damn divider out.

So that's how @unnnez and I spent our morning 😅

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We ended up just cutting off the jammed pin entirely. Our somewhat medieval methods also had the benefit of removing the top part of the divider so that it’s smaller, lighter, and more easy to manage.

But with the divider out, the real question was whether Rags would be willing to get into the Murder Box…

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